If you follow entertainment news then you should be familiar with stories about the crazy behaviour of some stars. Unfortunately, that has become a very common kind of story these days. We are no longer surprised when we hear about famous people doing things that can be considered to be stupid by anyone’s standard. Sometimes they cross the line and they do acts that are just crazy and bizarre.

The sad thing is that when we hear news about celebrity meltdowns, we don’t really feel bad for them. We read and watch about their behaviour and for the most part we laugh at their antics and their failures. There are very few people who feel sorry about celebrities because most of them are rich and they are famous after all. If they behave stupidly, then that’s their own fault and no one else’s. They cannot blame others if they botch their lives.

Here are some of the worst celebrity meltdowns that we have seen so far.

Brian Wilson

If you don’t know who Brian Wilson is then you know little about music. Wilson is the musical genius behind one of the most successful American bands of all time, The Beach Boys. He was the composer of most of the songs of the band that made them one of the most successful musical groups of all time. Critics recognize his unique style and the special sounds that Wilson brings in to their songs.

Like other creative geniuses however, Wilson was troubled. At the height of their success Wilson decided that he didn’t want to tour with the band anymore. He retreated to the studio where he began to experiment with all kinds of instruments and sounds that would be used for the band. It wasn’t only with music that Wilson experimented with at that time and he was also a very heavy smoker, consuming several packs every day. He also had some episodes where he behaved in a bizarre manner in public. The good news is that Brian was able to fully recover from whatever it was that he was suffering from back then.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is one of the more tragic cases of celebrity meltdowns here. Houston was a former model who made the transition to the music industry. She became such a big hit as a pop diva and was able to score a string of number one hits. That was before she met Bobby Brown and then her life made a turn for the worse. Their relationship followed the love-hate pattern that we are now so familiar with when it comes to celebrity relationships. It culminated when Brown was arrested for abusing her. They were also arrested for the possession of marijuana.

A lot of people hoped that Houston would finally be able to clean up her act, but it was too late. In February 2012, Houston was found dead at The Beverly Hilton where she was staying. The official report stated that she drowned in her bathtub.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson first became famous when he starred as Mad Max. Then he made the Lethal Weapon movies. But his career really took off when he made Braveheart which was a box office success. He has proven himself as a filmmaker several times after that. But Mel has his share of issues. He was arrested for driving under the influence and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he made anti-Semitic remarks to the police officers who arrested him. He apologized for his behaviour after that, but that wasn’t the end of it. He posted other racially offensive remarks and threatens to harm his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s behaviour has been so bizarre and his actions are so totally unexpected that his meltdown actually seems awesome. Then there’s the fact that he is making money out of the whole experience. Most celebrities who are struggling with personal issues would rather not meet the press and discuss their problems publicly, but Sheen is different. He actually gives out press conferences so that everyone would have a front row seat for his meltdown.

Sheen was able to revive a long dormant career when he landed the leading role in the hit show Two and a Half Men. His role actually made him the highest paid actor in American television. But that wasn’t enough for Sheen and he demanded a raise from the producers which started a whole set of problems which in the end resulted with the show going on without Sheen. But that’s okay with him.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was without question one of the greatest cyclists who ever lived. He was at the top of his sport for several years. But all of his previous successes came to nothing when he admitted that he had been lying about his use of performance enhancing drug for years. All of the honors that he got from the past were taken away from him and he lost his sponsorships. More troubling is the fact that he is now facing several lawsuits. It wasn’t actually one big meltdown for Armstrong, but a steady decline. It culminated in his tell-all with Oprah Winfrey. If he was hoping to win some sympathy with the interview, it backfired. Viewers were not amused by his seeming lack of repentance and his mechanical replies.

Justin Bieber

It is easy to understand why Justin Bieber might be having a hard time right now. He is still a teenager and he has to deal with superstardom and having millions. Bieber seems to be having a really difficult time right now. His breakup with girlfriend Selena Gomez isn’t helping. In March 2013, Bieber had a scuffle with a reporter in London. He threatened a paparazzi and unfortunately for Bieber, the whole incident was caught on camera. But that’s not the worst thing to happen to him. He was recently arrested for DUI and his mug shot has been making rounds online.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes clearly has some issues. The former star from Nickelodeon made headlines with her crazy antics and behaviour. The first sign that there was a problem was when she started making weird tweets which showed her new style, and then she started online feuds with several celebrities. Just by reading her tweets you know that there is something wrong with her. She moved on to getting several traffic violations. But the last straw came when she started a fire in the house in California. She was placed under a psychiatric hold and has since been diagnosed with bipolarity and schizophrenia.

Alec Baldwin

It’s no secret that Alec Baldwin has a problem when it comes to anger management, especially when it comes to photographers. In 2012, Baldwin confronted a photographer who was waiting outside of the New York Marriage License Bureau. Baldwin made harsh remarks against the person. Last year he confronted another man and it seems that he used homophobic epithets. Though Baldwin apologized for using the homophobic slurs, his show with MSNBC was cancelled.

These are just some of the worst celebrity meltdowns that we have witnessed throughout the years. We can be sure that celebrities would provide us with more examples in the future.