Everyone who has a passion in writing wants to become a writer. However, not everyone can be a writer no matter how persistent they want to write. You can work and pen stories about anything that you want but that don’t mean that you are already a real good writer. Quality work is always the barometer to gauge the skill of a writer.

The Works of A Writer

The real writers write compelling and interesting stories about their chosen niche. Although they sometimes use fancy words, they are more concerned on delivering quality facts to their readers. They are also capable of moving emotions while connecting with their online audience. If you can’t do all of these, then you can’t call yourself a real writer.

Why They Fail

In order to become a writer, you need to act as a writer. One way of doing this is by writing quality contents, ebooks, and other stuffs that will help you establish online authority as a writer. Most people work hard to become a good writer by educating themselves with various writing techniques. No matter how hard you strive though, there are just some things that prevent you from becoming a good writer. Writers fail because of the following factors.

  • Lack of Confidence – as a writer, you need to believe in your writing capabilities in order to be successful. Usually, the lack of confidence prevents the writer from coming up with quality contents regardless whether he is writing for someone or for himself. In addition, real writers write with confidence and courage no matter what their topic is about. As a writer, learn how to build your confidence so that you can clearly and effectively deliver your message to your readers. There’s no force or direction when a writer lacks confidence on the topics he is trying to convey or deliver through his works.
  • Does not Write Clearly – it is important to be clear when you write about something in order for your online audience to get a good grasp about what you want to say. Being clear is essential if you want to be successful in conveying the message to your readers. The lack of clarity in your writing prevents you from becoming an effective and successful writer. Use words that are clear of ambiguity. Avoid the use of confusing or double meaning terms. Be specific.
  • Inability to Gain Your Readers’ Trust – another thing that keeps you from being a good writer is your inability to gain your audience’s trust. Gaining your readers’ trust is important in order to get loyal followers. Writers who are incapable of doing so can’t be considered as good writers. Lack of readership following reflects your failure to draw attention to your writings.

Being a good writer is not a difficult task to do. However, it can be quite challenging if you do not know what you are doing. Check the above-mentioned things that prevent you from becoming a good writer. Once you know what you are doing, you can start a good career as a good writer yourself.