There is an emphasis on healthy living these days. Because of the increased availability of information people have more access to programs and ideas regarding healthy choices. More people are doing exercises and are eating right. Although there are more people trying to live their lives in a healthy way, there is still a long way to go when it comes to spreading awareness about the right lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who follow unhealthy lifestyle practices. Some people would try some healthy practice, but still cling on to their unhealthy habits. They mistakenly believe that their healthy lifestyle choice would be enough to cancel out the negative effects of their bad habits.

If you are planning on moving on to healthier lifestyle then you ought to be aware of the more common unhealthy practices that people make. It is important that you become aware of those lifestyle mistakes and what their effects are so you can avoid them. Here are some of the more common unhealthy lifestyle practices that are current today.


This would top any list of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Smoking has numerous negative effects on the body. It can cause numerous diseases. Emphysema, lungs’ cancer, the throat and the mouth diseases, birth defects and other ailments of the respiratory system are direct results of smoking. The warnings on cigarette packages were not placed there for nothing. They warn people of the real dangers presented by smoking. The smoke produced from the burning tobacco leaves of cigarettes contains thousands of chemicals and a majority of those are harmful to the body.

Cigarettes also contain nicotine which is an addictive substance. That is what makes it so hard for people to quit smoking. When they just stop smoking, there is high chance that they would experience some withdrawal symptoms, which means that the body will be craving for the nicotine. That’s why there are so many smokers who fail to quit.

The best thing is for you to not to get started with smoking in the first place. You would not have to worry about the difficulty of quitting later on. But if you are a smoker then there are methods that you can try in order to make the whole process a lot easier. One of the best methods that you can try is the nicotine replacement therapy. Under this method you will be using other sources of nicotine like patches, gums and even electronic cigarettes in order to get the nicotine in gradually decreasing amounts.

Getting Little Sleep

One thing that a lot of people overlook when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep. It is during sleep that the body repairs the cells that have been damaged through the day of activity. Obviously, it is also the time that the body gets its rest. But some people do not give that much importance to it as they should. They are more focused on healthy eating or on getting enough exercise.

A lot of people tend to forget the fact that the body also needs to rest and recover and it gets that during sleep. Think of the body as a machine. Machines need to be maintained and repaired regularly. When it does not get the regular maintenance then it is bound to breakdown. The body needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. If you sleep less than that, it would have some negative effects on the body.

When you are able to get a good long sleep, you feel rested and strong. As opposed to not getting enough sleep, you feel sluggish and weak. The best way to get the sleep that you need on a regular basis is to have a routine for it. Once you make a habit out of getting enough sleep then it would come more easy.

Poor Eating Habits

This is probably the most common unhealthy lifestyle practice today. Your body needs nutrients which are derived from the food that you eat. That’s why the kind of food that you consume will have a tremendous impact on your health. Most people eat foods that are bad for their health. They eat foods that are heavy on trans-fat and cholesterol. They eat processed foods that are high on preservatives and other bad chemicals. Not only they eat the wrong kinds of foods, but they also eat at the wrong time and eat the wrong amounts.

If it is your desire to lead a healthier lifestyle then one of the first things that you should do is to assess the way that you eat. Make sure that you include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay away from certain types of meat. You should try not to eat foods sold at fast food restaurants.

Make sure that you eat a big breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day and try to eat according to a schedule.

Having Too Much Stress

Stress is a natural body reaction. When something in the environment threatens a person, the body feels stress which is a way of preparing it to fight or to flee at a moment’s notice. That reaction of the body was developed by our ancestors, but unfortunately in today’s modern world it can also cause problems. In a developed setting where there are few physical dangers, emotional triggers are what often cause stress and there are so many of those emotional triggers. If the body constantly feels stress then that is not good. It is bound to suffer eventually because of that.

You can try to reduce the amount of stress to which you are exposed. You would know the things that stress you, so try to avoid those things. But since stress is a natural reaction it cannot be completely eliminated. What you can do is to relieve some of it. You can try some hobby or some physical activity that will help to keep your mind off those things that stress you out.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Some researchers claim that drinking a little alcoholic beverage in moderation regularly can help the health of a drinker, especially the heart. They have found a link between the relatively low number of heart problems among the French and their regular wine-drinking. But like with most things, too much drinking can be a bad thing. Alcohol can damage cells in the body, especially those in the liver. Alcohol is also addictive which means that a person can become dependent on it. Alcoholics can no longer function without drinking, but the alcohol that they drink is also slowly killing them.

So if you are planning on leading a healthier lifestyle, make sure that you do not drink too much. Drink in moderation and only do it occasionally. That way you can stay away from the harsh effects of drinking regularly and heavily.

These are just some of the unhealthy lifestyle practices that you should avoid if you can. If you have developed any of them as a habit already, there are steps that you can take in order to unlearn them. Some might argue that these bad habits have some benefits as well, but they are never worth it.